Episode 18 - Bugs on purpose

April 19, 2024

This week we're back and making bugs for the Glitch Community Code Jam prompt "cool bugs." Join Jenn Schiffer as she shares her favorite Glitch apps shared over the past week, look at your screensaver submissions, and continues her screensaver submission - but making it...cool and buggy. 🪲

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Prerequisites: no coding experience necessary, just the urge to see cool apps. Learn more about Glitch Community Code Jams: https://glitch.com/jams


App of the week

The Gallery

Glitch Community Code Jams

This month we're making cool bugs! Let's go over some of the submissions so far and figure out what I'm going to work on hehehe.

My submission in progress, a buggy screensaver: ~paper-dark-witness