Episode 14 - A screensaver for your website? In THIS economy???

March 8, 2024

March's Glitch Community Code Jam prompt is "screensavers" and this week, we're going to build one. Join Jenn Schiffer as she shares all the cool apps the community shared over the last week on Glitch, and then follow along as she builds her first ever web-based screensaver. 🍓

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Prerequisites: no coding experience necessary, just the urge to see cool apps. Learn more about Glitch Community Code Jams: https://glitch.com/jams


App of the week

The Gallery

  • ~elo-ranker is a ranking tool that you can use for fun and work
  • ~wonky-js is javascript that makes your page just a little (or a lot) on tilt
  • I don't know exactly what ~oec-mountain-track is but it's the funniest thing I've ever seen without context

Glitch Community Code Jams

And our amazing #screensavers jam submissions so far:

Join me as I start my submission for the #screensavers prompt, ~hello-screensaver. Let's jam 🍞🪽