Episode 7 - Presents and bugs for the last episode of 2023

December 15, 2023

This week - our last episode of 2023 - Jenn shows off her favorite projects from the community and continues her websockets journey and submission to this month's "gift-giving" code jam! 🍓

Catch all the previous episodes of Glitch Jams Live here in Youtube playlist form

Prerequisites: no coding experience necessary, just the urge to see cool apps. The live coding part may be a little hard to follow if you don't have JavaScript experience, but we encourage you to ask question in the chat and comments! Learn more about Glitch Community Code Jams: https://glitch.com/jams


App of the week

Building Glitch

We need your help with our next phase of improving Node support (ie. we’re deprecating very old versions 6 + 8)! Last week was the deadline for updating projects using Node 8 and below but you can always edit your projects, they just won't run until then!

Keep an eye on the Building Glitch category in the forum for future updates and to share your own ideas and feedback.

The Gallery

Glitch Community Code Jams

Let's jam

screenshot of make8bitart.glitch.me with a drawing of a smiley face and some boxes i drew around it