Episode 4 - Unlocking the December jam prompt

December 1, 2023

This week, Jenn shows off her favorite projects from the community, unveils her "self-portrait" work since last time, and unveils 🥁🥁🥁 the December jam prompt! 🍓

Catch all the previous episodes of Glitch Jams Live here in Youtube playlist form

Prerequisites: no coding experience necessary, just the urge to see cool apps. Learn more about Glitch Community Code Jams: https://glitch.com/jams


Jenn has a tummy ache.

App of the week

Building Glitch

We need your help with our next phase of improving Node support (ie. we’re deprecating very old versions 6 + 8)! Today is the first deadline for our phase of Node updating - specifically Node 6.

Keep an eye on the Building Glitch category in the forum for future updates and to share your own ideas and feedback.

Glitch Community Code Jams

  • New month, new prompt! December is all about gift-giving and while every project you make is a gift in Jenn's eyes, this month we're making projects that are gifts for others, a way to give other gifts, or maybe even a treat for ourselves!
  • Remember to go to glitch.com/jams to learn more and see how to participate (or just stick around this episode, it's your life)

The Gallery

Since today's a new jam, let's look at some inspiration, and the self-portrait projects you made last month!

Let's jam