Episode 2 - Code along on our Glitch Community Code Jams 'Self-Portrait' 🤳

November 10, 2023

Last week we kicked off our first Glitch Community Code Jam with the prompt "self portrait." This week, Jenn shows off her favorite projects from the community and continues working on her own #codejam submission 🍓

In case you missed last week's inaugural episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-86_xZF14Y

Prerequisites: no coding experience necessary, just the urge to see cool apps. Learn more about Glitch Community Code Jams: https://glitch.com/jams


Glitch Community Code Jams

some submissions you need to see

remember to go to glitch.com/jams to learn more and see how to participate (or just stick around this episode, it's your life)

App of the week

Building Glitch

Keep an eye on the Building Glitch category in the forum for future updates and to share your own ideas and feedback.

The Gallery

To have your app featured, post it to The Gallery!. And if you want to talk about what you're working on, writing, reading, listening to, etc, sound off in the latest Community Open Thread

Let's jam